Interior architecture, which deals with all elements that affect human comfort and aesthetic perception such as furniture and accessories, floor coverings, colors and patterns, paint and wall coverings, fixtures, insulation, lighting; is to design the interior fiction by thinking multi-dimensionally. In these designs, the individual’s comfort needs, aesthetic perception and expectations regarding functionality are always at the center of the project. Taking into consideration the environmental and cultural features of the space, the interior designer also produces design options according to the people who will use the space. Since it is much easier to say than doing this, the work of interior architects who are interested in finding solutions to spatial and structural problems is quite difficult.
The interior architecture, which tries to sign functionality-oriented designs that will make everyday life easier, thus makes the use of homes and businesses more enjoyable. From practical storage solutions to lighting preferences, all kinds of applications can be realized to satisfy comfort expectations, while   interior designer Turkey  If the objects he imagines are not available on the market, he can design these objects from scratch. Sometimes the furniture that is played in the mind of the architect in the space designs, which is compatible with all the features of the space and reflecting the character of the person, may not be sold in the market. In such cases, the work of interior designers who design the furniture and ensure that it is produced in accordance with this design is not just about choosing a few colors and choosing accessories. Even the interior design of a building under construction is made from scratch and is found at each stage of the construction site.
Leaving aside the aesthetic elements, the main dynamics of the interior architecture are the applications that are the subject of classical architecture and many application departments from science discipline. Interior architects, who are also knowledgeable about the technical aspect of the work, can design any place from scratch so that it can be used for a completely different purpose than the purpose of its construction, and can execute the project without problems at the application stages, which are the subject of different engineering sciences. Although they have technical dominance that can change their structural features, strength and static, they are always intertwined with different branches of visual arts in interior design projects and applications.

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